Sunday, 14 December 2008

it's christmas time

How do bloggers do this everyday? I suppose I should blog more often but I never really know what to say that people might find interesting. In a desperate attempt to say something...anything I'll talk about ...umm...well...Christmas.

If you've found this through my flickr site you might get the vague notion that I like Christmas. It's nice to give a house a complete makeover for a few weeks (or months in my case)'s okay putting everything up, but removal is a thing I detest. Today the tree came down. Sad but true. The cat found the aluminum (or aluminium, depending on what country you live in) tree just a little too delicious. Metal in a cat's stomach don't mix. Fearing the worst, I decided I love the cat more than the tree. A lot more. For the first time I'm tree-less. I refuse to put up the big tree. It takes three days to decorate and with Christmas so close it means it would come down about 3 weeks later. That's not going to happen....maybe I should buy a real tree. That would be a first for me.

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