Thursday, 1 January 2009

silver jet - 28 hits for dancing

Flashing back to the late 1960’s, our family record player was on it’s last legs, so my parents trotted off to Savery’s to buy a new 3-in-one stereo system (record player, radio & cassette player). This was serious furniture! All housed in a huge cabinet that, at first glance, looked more like a buffet dresser than a stereo system. I think my mother was sold on that idea. The salesman must have made some good commission because he told us to take three albums “of your choice from a vast selection of modern recordings”. We ended up with this…28 Hits For Dancing by the Fred Silver Band. (I’ve always loved the odd “Stereo-Dancing” addition to the title.) I haven’t heard this album in years…but it was perfect for stereo dancing on your new 3-in-one system!

This was my introduction, oddly enough, to songs by The Beatles. Although instrumentals, I’d always think The Beatles were singing songs from “28 Hits For Dancing”.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin"
Can't Buy Me Love
I was Kaiser Bill's Batman
Pretty Woman
There's A Kind of Hush
Monday, Monday
Silence is Golden
Sloop John B
She Loves You
Winchester Cathedral
Barbara Ann
A Hard Day's Night
All My Loving
Paperback Writer
I'm A Believer
Don't Ha Ha
Yesterday Man
To Whom it Concerns
No Milk Today
I Want To Hold Your Hand
Dear Mrs. Applebee
Penny Lane
Happy Together

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Andrew said...

A great album to be sure. I'm in the process of transferring it to CD. It always gets requested by friends when they come for dinner. I had it on 8 track at one stage too. Great for driving along to. Nice quality recording. I picked up this copy in a country town in the north of Victoria for 25 cents quite a number of years ago. It's original price tag says $2.99 from Civic Centre TV, Hamilton and Horsham.

Fred Silver Band was a German group and he seems to have put out quite a few of these type records. When I lived in Germany in the 1980s this type of music is all they played on the radio that wasn't classical or opera. This is one of the better ones.

Happy record hunting (and stereo dancing!)