Sunday, 8 February 2009

it's about time

From the creator of Gilligan’s Island comes, It’s About Time. Yes, pure comedy at it’s best!

With Gilligan receiving massive ratings during it’s final year, CBS asked, Mr Schwartz for another show. The premise? Two clunky astronauts travel back in time to the Stone Age. Whop-Ding – perfect idea! This live-action show filmed in color and lasted one season back in 1966/67. It’s About Time, filmed at the same studio as Gilligan’s Island. They filmed on a separate stage to Gilligan but, on occasion, would wander over to the Gilligan set and film there. It’s About Time borrowed music cues from Gilligan as well. But to be fair, Gilligan borrowed the Space Capsule for an episode and for an episode called, The Secret of Gilligan’s Island, they even had a caveman dream sequence filming on the It’s About Time set.

Besides the Gilligan’s Island lagoon making the occasional cameo (albeit slightly re-dressed) another Gilligan icon makes a cameo. Remember the large black Morning Spider that frightened the inhabitants of the Island? He returns for a scene stealing bit of action high up on the berm (also seen on the occasional Gilligan episodes.)

To save the flagging ratings the show switched premise half way through the season (always a sure fire sign the show is going to tank) and took the astronauts (along with the stone age stowaways) back to the 20th century. Yes, more priceless comedy as the stone age dwellers have to deal with modern day (make that late 1960's) living. It’s hard to pick which premise worked better. Both had merits, but I guess the ‘modern day’ would suit more classic sitcom writing using the ‘fish out of water approach’.

The show was last seen on Australian TV back in 1978. Mr Schwartz has evidently made it clear he wants everyone to forget about this show. Well, sorry, I can’t. Sadly, the show will never see light of day with an official DVD release (if Sherwood has his way). Which is a shame, Imogene Coca (Shad) is hysterical. I was thrilled to see all 26 episodes again – I just wish the world had a chance to laugh (and on occasion, groan along, as well.)


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

WOW, I vaguely remember this! How did you get all 26 episodes? I love your blog!

spacepotato said...

I got the episodes from a friend in the States. Thank you for the kind words.