Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Fabulous Flintstones on Parade

The Fabulous Flintstones on Parade was an arena show that toured Australia during 1979. It came sandwiched between Disney on Parade and Disney On Ice. The soundtrack for the show was evidently recorded in Australia, and it was disco all the way. A show was also filmed for a US TV Special hosted by Michael Landon evidently.

The opening night was heralded by a local TV station with a 30 minute extravaganza, with the host doing a meet-n-greet with some of the characters. Most of the characters were from the cartoon world of Hanna-Barbera. Hanna-Barbera culled most of their famous cartoons into life form.  All said it was pretty cool to see Funky Phantom and The Banana Splits in front of you.  My memory of the show is vague. I recall Dino being scolded by Fred and Dino running away only to be found at a disco(!) which belonged to The Banana Splits. A large bowling ball that hit the pins and required a large band aid. Truly, the only memories I have.

The production standard was high from memory. There were high wire acts and special effects to ignite the audience. I'm sure there was merchandise available but all I have is a program. In 1979 it almost uncool to go see costume characters cavort around on a stage, but I'm glad I went. Would I want to see it again?...in a heartbeat! Here's some images from the program.


Nina said...

Sounds like this was fun to watch.Thanks for sharing.

Carps said...

That is awesome...I just dug out my mint condition program from 1979 to show my son. I was 3 and still remember being there...cheers