Saturday, 5 February 2011

My true love

I can not lie, my heart belongs to Clarabelle Cow. Clarabelle is one of Walt Disney's earlier creations. Clarabelle had minor roles in Walt's cartoons of the 1930's and even featured in Mickey Mouse's first color cartoon, The Band Concert.

She doesn't appear in the Park very often, although in a the last few years she's made a few appearances in a number of Disneyland parades. However, she's always fronted for the Christmas Fantasy Parade. Originally, her and Daisy Duck were positioned on the gingerbread float. Now she's part of the Gingerbread Treats unit where she performs the Nutcracker with the Gingerbread Men.

Clarabelle has (in the past) played a love interest of Goofy's, however she's normally paired with Horace Horsecollar. On Christmas Eve last year, I hung around the train station steps at closing time aware a few characters were coming out to wave goodbye to the guests as they left. I wasn't disappointed, Clarabelle AND Horace both turned up. I (along with the rest of the crowd) was thrilled to see them. Clarabelle is a good friend of Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck and shops at the same shoe store. She's decidedly feminine and proudly wears her cowbell as if it were fine jewelry. Just recently she and Horace were nominated by fans to appear the the Character Fan Days at Disneyland. When your over at Disney California Adventure stop by the Silly Symphony Swings and check out Clarabelle (and Horace) painted on the ride.

Clarabelle & Horace Christmas Eve 2010

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