Sunday, 14 October 2012

Lost NYC reappears (or at least it did)

If you've seen Alfred Hitchcock's, Psycho on DVD or BluRay, you've no doubt seen the Electronic Press Kit.  I was instantly in awe of this billboard.  It's in Times Square and was the NYC billboard for Psycho.  Pretty impressive!  It still stands today, however, no longer advertising Psycho but four different Broadway shows. Well...I'm pleased it's still there in some form.  

So...Psycho was shown at the DeMille and they show crowds lining up and you get to glimpse some store signs in the background.  Imagine my delight when I was in NYC and noticed some advertising that features in the Electronic Press Kit!!!  I know!  I was thrilled too.  It's been hidden away since the Sixties only to be covered up by some plastic banner.

Ironically, the DeMlle lobby is now a gift store and I couldn't help but wonder how exciting it must have been to be seeing Psycho back then.  If I couldn't see Psycho seeing the bottom half of a long lost sign with a vague Psycho connection was good enough for me!

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