Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Vista Theatre in Hollywood

The 400 seat Vista Theatre in Hollywood is best known by locals but not your average tourist.  The Vista Theatre was opened in 1923 as the Lou Bard Playhouse.  It's an extremely historic location.  D.W. Griffith filmed the silent epic Intolerance on the exact location in 1916. 

Grauman's Chinese Theatre is best known for the hand and footprint of Hollywood celebrities.  However, the Vista also has celebrity hand and footprints.  A variety, from, Sarah Jessica Parker and Martin Landau from Ed Wood.  Elvira is there as is Bud Cort and Ryan and Tatum O'Neil, even Karen Black is there.  It's well worth a visit.

  The Vista is located at 4473 Sunset Drive, Hollywood.

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