Monday, 24 June 2013

Bates Motel from Psycho II

 In 1982, Psycho II, went before the camera’s to capture the sequel to Alfred Hitchcock’s, Psycho.  Agreeing to reprise their roles from the original movie were actors, Anthony Perkins and Vera Miles.  The Bates Motel was a key factor in the original movie and when the Universal Studio backlot was redesigned in the early 80’s the Bates Motel was raised. 

The Motel was not featured heavily in Psycho II, there was no need to rebuild the entire set.  (The Bates Motel seen today was rebuilt for Psycho III in 1986). Albert Whitlock created a matte painting of the entire motel (seen as Norman and Dr Raymond arrive at the Motel).  Here is a very rare continuity photograph showing what was built of the Bates Motel during production of Psycho II in 1982.

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