Thursday, 22 November 2007

back to Hairspray again...

Hairspray arrived today. And I'm pleased to say that the DVD is pretty awesome. The quality is brilliant - the sound faultless. As expected the bonus features are terrific. The cast and crew talk about the film with relish and excitement. It certainly comes across a great set to be on.

If you've seen the film or haven't had the pleasure...keep your eyes out for the council member, Shelley (Sarah Jayne Jensen) . She's one of those characters who has no lines but manages to steal almost every scene she's in.

I can see this being staged a s a concert one day. Hopefully the film cast and Broadway cast can appear together, it would be a concert you wouldn't want to miss.

I'm off to watch the commentary. (With 2 to choose it may take a while!)

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