Thursday, 23 April 2015

I've Seen That Before!

When American Horror Story first came to television I tried to watch but completely freaked out after the first few episodes and gave up.  Then, when I heard about season 4 AHS: 'Freak Show', I had to watch.  I became obsessed with it.

Watched it I did.  Read about it on line I did.  Surfed Youtube endlessly.  Absolutely obsessed.  I haven't been this interested in a TV series for a long time.  I loved the premise, the era, the acting, everything was spot on.

So, if you read this blog you'll notice I also have a love of Disney.  How on earth are they these two related? I absolutely enjoyed, 'Saving Mr. Banks'.  It was wonderful.  Recently I was travelling on a plane and the person across the aisle was watching 'Saving Mr. Banks' on his iPad.  Suddenly, from the corner of my eye I noticed something, something I instantly told my friends about, but as usual they didn't care and changed the conversation. Bah!

During the 'Saving Mr Banks' flashbacks to rural Australia they (the family) attend a fair.  There it was!  The Freak Show merry-go-round (or carousel if you prefer).

So if you watch it, you'll notice the exact swan (the one Twisty sits in) ,matches the insert from 'Saving Mr. Banks', it all matches, same horses, same canvas top.  So there.  I'm glad I spotted it.

I wonder if I've seen the Freak Show Ferris Wheel in anything?

© Disney, AHS Freak Show

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