Monday, 5 October 2015

Vintage Qualatex Balloons

Everyone remembers the joy of being a kid and playing with a helium filled balloon.  The disappointment when your balloon drifted away and the memory of your mother telling you to "hold the string tightly" was for good reason.  We didn't have Mylar balloons in my day.  Your average latex balloon lasted a few hours before floating to the floor.  Imagine my surprise when the Mylar was still floating a week later.  Kids don't know how lucky they are! Qualatex (quality latex - get it!?) have been around for years.  
Whether it was Qualatex, Ansell, The Eagle Rubber Company - a simple balloon can offer hours of enjoyment to the young.


Joel Glass-Gemar said...

Where did you locate such high quality graphics - do you have any more - I am the marketing director for the largest latex balloon company in Europe - we have been in business 102 years and we are assembling a museum exhibit retrospective at a local university fro rubber - chemistry compound majors

spacepotato said...

All images are from original catalogs and are scanned by myself (hence the good quality).