Saturday, 22 December 2007

it's all about marketing

You might not be able to stop the beat but it's also hard to stop the Hairspray DVD purchases. In a clever marketing ploy American retailer, Wal-Mart, have optioned a bonus DVD if you buy the single disc edition from them. So, what to do if you can't get to your local Wal-Mart? Buy it from eBay at a much higher price.

So, is it worth the extra cost? Well yes, and no. Some features are "extended versions" from the Shake and Shimmy 2 disc edition. But the real "wow factor" comes from the ShoWest preview in Las Vegas. At a preview launch for the film, the cast assembled for a "live" performance. It's pretty cool - a number of council members perform with the cast in front of the giant screen. There's amazing footage of Nikki Blonski being told she has the part of Tracy - her reaction is funny and heart warming.

The three Tracy's, Ricki (original), Marrisa (Broadway) & Nikki (2006) are interviewed and seen recording the song, 'Mama, I'm A Big Girl Now'. It's all great footage.

Is it worth getting both discs? If you love Hairspray and want to see everything! Yes!

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