Thursday, 27 December 2007

That Girl

If I had to describe that ultimate "look" of the late 1960's woman I would instantly pick, Tina Louise (Ginger on Gilligan's Island) and umm..."THAT GIRL!" Yes, Marlo Thomas and Tina Louise hands down. The wonderful flip-do hair and the ultra heavy black eyeliner with tons of fake eyelashes.

Why would I even bother to mention this is 2007? Well, I recently purchased the first two seasons of That Girl. (I already own all the Gilligan episodes). Unlike Gilligan, the archives of That Girl have well and truly been opened and floods of material are available as bonus features.

The show itself is hardly comedy slapstick - it does have it's fair share of moments but it relies more on the talent of Marlo and her wonderful chemistry with co-star, Ted Bessell. Marlo herself looks simply fantastic.

Season Three has just been released and going on the strengths of Season One & Two, I'll make sure to pick it up.

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